Deck Box Spkr/Strb Adapter Plate

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Several very large condo projects in Southern Florida had mistakenly installed the wrong in-slab Kwikon concrete tight box for the speaker strobes. These were in slab ceiling mounted Spkr/Strb on all parking level decks. There were over 2000 units. The Honeywell Spkr/Strb required a double deep 4sq. A double deep round extension ring was added creating a problem with the mounting holes of the device mounting plate and the anchor holes on the box. In order for the device to fit into the existing box, a special adapter plate with a 22° offset needed to be fabricated that would adapt the Spkr/Strb mounting plate to the anchor holes on the round in slab box. Completed this task in less than 1 week and had fabricated 2500pc in about 2 weeks. Saved the project from LD's and $100K's of dollars in re-work chipping out the wrong box.