QuickStart Pump-Gem Monitoring Kit

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Fire Alarm
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Accessory Cabinet
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The UL 864-listed Generator or Fire Pump Monitoring Kit is designed for fast and simple installation. This pre- assembled commercial-grade enclosure is ready right out of the box, cutting installation time in half. Simply add your modules, wire to the 16 point high barrier terminal strip, and you’re done!

Use this enclosure for all code-required generator or fire pump monitoring requirements to reduce installation time and field defects. These enclosures can be pre-fabricated in a controlled environment by qualified technicians and deployed to the project as a complete solution. The back box can be installed in advance by the electrical contractor, keeping the more expensive electronics in a safe and secure location. After wiring is run, the pre-assembled durable back plate can be easily installed for fast termination of all conductors. Testing can begin shortly afterwards. Service and testing becomes significantly more convenient with easy access to all electronics.